Road / Runway Weather Information Systems

Through AST, ASFT offers a wide range of sensors as well as complete Weather Information Systems for the safety and management of your roads and runways, including weather and surface condition monitoring, warning, and forecasting. ASFT’s systems have been operational for more than 30 years, and are proven to be remarkably reliable, with low maintenance requirements. The open system design and versatile platforms give you the flexibility for unlimited integration and future development.

We can provide you with systems to monitor

  • surface temperature
  • freezing point
  • precipitation
  • surface condition (dry/icy/wet)
  • ice build-up
  • visibility
  • cameras (IR/color)
  • wind speed and direction
  • air temperature
  • dew point
  • humidity
  • solar radiation
  • ground frost
  • air pressure
  • traffic flow
  • …and much more

Weather Information System (RWIS)

ASFT’s RWIS brings state-of-the art sensing technology, optical systems and telecommunications technology together in complete systems that monitor vital portions of the public infrastructure.

ASFT systems offer airport and road operators in cold regions the technology to save lives, cut costs, and reduce environmental impact. Download the RWIS brochure

Light Weather Information System (LWIS)

ASFT’s LWIS is a fully portable, compact weather-station with the capability of fully off-grid, real-time operations and remote access. It is easily assembled and deployed for state-of-the-art weather monitoring even in the most remote locations and for temporary installations. Download the LWIS brochure

Precipitation Sensor

The OpticEye precipitation sensor measures the precise, geometrical presentation of precipitation. The OpticEye can classify precipitation and detect very fine rain, rain, sleet, snow, and warn of snowdrift.

In contrast to other precipitation sensors, OpticEye measures the actual geometric presentation of precipitation, not just the water equivalent. Download optic eye brochure

Frensor Active Freezing Point Sensor

The Frensor detects the exact freezing point temperature on roads and runways. It was developed to optimize de-icing in harsh, winter conditions on Swedish roads by minimizing the need for de-icing substances. Use of the Frensor has shown to decrease the need for deicers by 20-30%! Click here to find out more about the Frensor. Download the Frensor Active Freezing Point Surveillance brochure

OpticEye video

Frensor Video Clip