Active Freezing Point Sensor—Frensor

Mobile Frensor

During freezing conditions, de-icing of your infrastructure is vital for safety. Whatever the de-icing substance used, it will become diluted over time and need to be re-applied.

Re-application is generally performed sooner—rather than later—to avoid safety hazards. The result is an over-consumption of costly and environmentally unfriendly de-icing substances.

The Frensor active freezing point sensor actively heats and cools the actual liquid from the runway or road to determine the exact freezing point, regardless of the composition of the liquid (de-icer and other contaminants).

By knowing exactly where and when to apply de-icers, airports and road authorities using the Frensor have reported a 20 – 30% reduction in the need for de-icers—great for cost management, great for the environment!

Download Frensor Active Freezing Point Surveillance Brochure

Fixed Frensor

Mobile Frensor

By using the Frensor in the mobile version, it is possible to perform freezing point mapping over an entire operational area. The presented output is in the form of a map over the covered area, showing the different freezing temperatures and surface temperatures of that area. This information can then be used to determine the amount of de-icer to be spread at different sections of the road or runway.

ASFT is the only company which offers the Frensor active freezing point sensor as fixed, mobile, or portable equipment.

Fixed Frensor

Using the Frensor in a fixed version, the output can be presented as a graph displaying the change in surface temperature and freezing point over time. This information can be used to forecast when the spreading of new de-icer will be required, and—even more interesting—when no new de-icing is necessary because the protection on the road or runway is adequate.

Mobile Frensor video clip