CFME vehicles

All ASFT CFME distributed by AST benefit from an FAA Nationwide Waiver to the Buy Amercian Preference Requirements. The FAA made this decision due to the insufficient quantity of American manufacturers of CFME, which greatly restricted an airport’s choice when purchasing a CFME with FAA funding.

This signifies that airports may purchase ASFT CFME through AIP funding on the same grounds as American manufactured CFME.

ASFT is the world leader in CFME, present in over 70 countries with over 500 CFME world-wide. We offer a wide variety of CFME, both integrated vehicles and tow-behind trailers.

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All FAA approved CFME vehicles are capable of measuring friction on runways according to a certain standard. Not all, however, benefit from the same mechanical and technological advances. Before investing in a CFME vehicle, there are important points you need to know

The Ford Taurus, Volvo XC70, and Volvo XC60 integrated Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME) are sophisticated measuring systems for both operational and functional measuring. In operational service, as an aid to ongoing air traffic, the immediate availability of the measuring system makes it possible to carry out measuring results as defined by the FAA and ICAO and report the results to traffic control in real-time.

The Ford Taurus, Volvo XC70 CFME, and Volvo XC60 like all ASFT CFME, are based on the highly successful MkIV Rear-Axle systems. In the MkIV design, the measuring wheel is not attached to the body or chassis of the host vehicle but is connected to the rear-axle via a spring. This unique design allows the friction wheel to work without any disturbance from movements in the host vehicle. It also guarantees that the vertical ground pressure is absolutely constant at 1400 N. Independent research has concluded over and over that the ASFT MkIV rear-axle has amongst the best correlation and repeatability in its industry.